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By on 3 juni, 2023
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Foo Fighters kraftfulla album ”But Here We Are”, ute nu. Igår den 2:a juni 2023 släppte Foo Fighters sitt 11:e studioalbum “But Here We Are” via Roswell Records/RCA Records, ett starkt och innerligt album som träffar rakt i hjärtat.

”But Here We Are” speglar bandets upplevelser av musikens, vänskapens och familjens läkande förmåga. Albumet täcker hela känsloregistret och pendlar mellan ilska, sorg, acceptans och allt däremellan. Det är en omfamnande påminnelse om att älska här och nu, medan du kan.

Utöver tidigare släppta låtarna “Rescued”, “Under You”, “Show Me How” där Dave Grohl sjunger en duett med sin 17-åriga dotter Violet Grohl, den 10 minuter långa “The Teacher”, och senast i raden “The Glass” innehåller albumet ytterligare fem låtar. ”But Here We Are” är producerat av Greg Kurstin tillsammans med Foo Fighters och hyllas av fans samt media världen över så som;

“A brilliant meditation on grief… the best Foo Fighters album since the turn of the millennium.” 
– Consequence

”But Here We Are is a standout… quite possibly their best and most meaningful album.” 
— Goldmine

“Driven by a fresh sense of pathos and urgency.” 
– The New York Times

“Delivers everything fans have come to know and love about the Foos.” 
– Revolver

“One of the most powerful collection of songs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame outfit‘s lengthy catalog… But Here We Are is a life raft extended between band and audience alike.. Music has the power to heal, and this is a record for healing.” 
– Rock Cellar

“One of the strongest albums of the band’s career… reckoning with the conundrums of human existence through the sheer power of music.” 

”It’s what happens when loud, catchy, radio-friendly rock music is buoyed by tangible passion… The singles have been strong — ‘Rescued” a proper anthem, ‘Under You’ a Jawbreaker-esque power-pop gem… Foo Fighters’ sadness comes through, but the album is too fleet-footed to be maudlin or morose.” 
– Stereogum

“A record that channels grief into some of the biggest sounding songs Foo Fighters have ever made.” 
– Ultimate Classic Rock

“Memorable and meaningful” 
— USA Today

”This leap from the personal to the universal is the essence of Foo Fighters… confirms that Mr. Grohl’s instincts about how music can help us process and transcend even our darkest moments are absolutely correct… a powerful, melodic work of mourning.” 
– The Wall Street Journal

”But Here We Are” – låtlista
1. Rescued
2. Under You
3. Hearing Voices
4. But Here We Are
5. The Glass
6. Nothing At All
7. Show Me How
8. Beyond Me
9. The Teacher
10. Rest

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